We set great store by providing our residents with a balanced diet of food cooked in our well-equipped kitchen. There is a positive emphasis on the traditional and we plan our menus to offer choice at all meal times. We also make meal times as flexible as possible with Breakfast, for example, being available throughout the morning and taken either in a resident’s bedroom or in the Dining Room. Morning Coffee is served around 10.00am. Lunch is served at midday. Afternoon Tea is available up to 5.00pm when a light meal is served. In the evening a range of night drinks and biscuits or light snacks are served at times to suit individual residents..

Throughout the day residents are able to use the kitchen to prepare drinks and light snacks for themselves provided a member of staff is present.

Special Diets

Special diets are provided for those requiring low fat or diabetic meals.

Our Menus

Our Menus are created to provide balanced nutrition and offer variety throughout the week. A typical Lunch will feature a meat dish with mixed vegetables with an alternative dish such as a cold salad. Our Tea menus are an equally tasty mix of hot and cold snacks, sandwiches, cakes and trifles.

A typical Ashroft House daily men